Re-glazing Check

To make sure your re-glazing job goes smoothly and that you get the best possible result, please review and complete the following items prior to the scheduled arrival of our technician.

  • Be sure that water is available for washing & rinsing the bathtub
  • Be sure that drain is attached (see above photo) so water does not damage finished ceilings
  • Be sure that water drains freely and the drain is not stopped up
  • Be sure that the bathtub faucet does not drip - change washer if it drips
  • Remove shower curtain
  • Remove knickknacks and items from bathroom
  • Be sure to have electricity available
  • Vacuum exhaust fan, above window & door frames, hanging lights, medicine cabinets, etc
  • If you only have one bathroom you need to make arrangements for bathroom usage
  • Construction work should be complete, IE tile work or surrounds installed but not caulked
  • Shower doors and track removed unless arrangements have been made for us to remove them
  • Confine pets in a safe place away from bathroom and path to bathroom and entry door
  • If you have carpet in the bathroom, you need to remove or fold it back at least 12 inches
  • Remove screen from window - we cannot use a window in bathroom if it is above the bathtub
  • If using an alternate window provide clear access and remove screen
  • In winter have furnace set to normal room temperature if job is in vacant house or apartment
  • Have someone available to sign work order authorization and review condition of bathtub
  • Have someone available to consult if a problem at work cell # etc.
  • Have someone available to approve work and provide payment

Odors are usually minimal and most people usually stay in the house while the re-glazing procedure is completed. However, if you have any health concerns or are sensitive to odors you may want to leave the house during this process.

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