Re-glazing Cost

The cost of re-glazing a anormal size bathtub in white is $269.00. This includes repairing minor random chips and normal wear and tear such as scratches. Damage such as missing porcelain around drains, chips from tile demolition, chips from shower door track removal, heavy rust, dripping water damage, excessive pitting, damage from appliques, etc. can be repaired for additional charge. Removal of excessive caulk or silicone may entail an additional charge. Here we list some photos of damaged tubs and approximate charges fo repairs. Previously re-glazed tubs must be stripped of the old finish.

The first photo shows minor chips on the bottom of the tub and the dam (front top) has scratches. This amont of repair is included in the base price. The second photo shows a steel tub that has rusted completely through. It needs the rust ground out, a backer installed under the damaged area, polyester filler, and the filler sanded smooth. $45.00 The third photo shows a rusty drain that needs the rust removed and treated with a rust inhibitor. It then needs some polyester filler and sanding. $25.00-$35.00 normally.

The first photo shows a "Draino" damaged tub. To skim coat the bare areas and sand it smooth would cost about $75.00 to $100.00. Consider replacing the tub or installing an acrylic liner over it. The second tub has damage from appliques and rusty drain. The drain would cost about $35.00 for repair and the applique damaged could be pretty well hidden with the Textured Anti-Slip bottom for $20.00. The third photo shows damage from "Daino" and a really rusty drain. Drain repair would be about $35.00 and the bubbled and bare metal repair would be about $45.00 to $60.00. It probably should be given the Textured Anti-Slip bottom for $20.00.

Notes: Stains do not really matter as most of them are removed duing the cleaning process, and even if they do not come out the stains will be covered anyway. Textured Anti-Slip bottom hides most defects on the tub bottom.

Feel free to email photos of your tub to us and we can advise you of approximate repair charges.

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