About Drains

Most bathtub refinishers simply mask the current drain in your bathtub. We offer drain removal when possible to clean out rust and to apply the new glazing material under the drain ring to prevent future corrosion. When that is not possible we can offer to completely seal the old drain so water does not pool around the drain ring causing failure of the finish. We also offer a line of drains & overflow replacements. For a complete overview of drain issues go to Drains and Drain Installation.

The first two photos show bathtubs that were refinished by other companies. Note the peeling finish around the drains. The third photo shows a drain removed to clean the corrosion and rust before applying the new finish. Untreated, this tub would fail around the drain from the corrosion spreading out from under the drain.

The first photo is the Watco brand lift drain that we carry as a replacement drain. The last two photos are bathtubs where the homeowner used "Draino" type products. The water was completely stopped up causing the chemicals to dissolve in the water and to corrode the finish, causing the home owner to call us in to repair the damage and refinish the bathtub.

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