The re-glazing or refinishing process starts with cleaning the bathtub with industrial cleaners to remove soap and oils from the tub surface. The tub surface is acid etched if needed and rinsed clean. Then the tub is inspected for chips. Any chips are then filled with a polyester putty and sanded smooth. The walls, floors, vanity, etc. are masked or covered to protect them while the new finish is applied. An exhaust fan is setup to remove fumes and overspray. Then the primers are applied (sprayed) followed by the new finish (also sprayed).

The entire process usually takes btween 4 to 7 hours depending on the condition of the bathtub and options the customer chooses. The bathtub is usually ready to use the next morning, however, if there were major repairs required it may need another day to cure before using.

Once the technician is done applying the finish, he will remove as much masking and paper as possible before leaving. The homeowner removes the remaining masking after the finish has cured. Trying to remove the masking above the tub can cause extra dust or particles of paper to fall (and dry) into the finish causing a rough finish. If the drain was removed it will need to be re-installed or replaced. This can be done by the homeowner to save money or it can be contracted with us to make a return trip to install the drain. The tub perimeter is caulked and when the caulk is cured the tub is ready to use.

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